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SEM image of R&D Products
SEM image of R&D Products

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Paraclete Energy Inc. (PE) manufactures and sells nanoparticle custom surface modified silicon—SM-Silicon™—as well as  silicon nanoparticle composites with graphene, carbon, and polymer on the surface. All PE’s silicon offers a density 10x that of other commercially available silicon.


Paraclete Energy’s SM-Silicon™ offers the high capacity of silicon while being cycle stable and its $W/hr cost is less than graphite.  SM-Silicon™ is engineered to be added seamlessly to anode slurries used in current industry processes.

Paraclete Energy’s Products

  • SM-Silicon™ – Surface modified, cycle stable Si nanoparticles (SiNP), available in production quantities.

R&D products available in 100g quantities. Production quantities on request.

  • nSi Either ≥99.5% or ≥98.5% raw metal SiNP with substantially <0.5% impurities metals basis. This product is highly reactive to air.
  • nSi/C – Composite of SiNP and carbon.
  • nSi/Cg – Composite of SiNP and graphene.
  • nSi/Cg/P – Composite of SiNP, graphene, and polymer. The polymer can be customized on request.
  • nSiOx – SiNP oxide.

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SM-Silicon™ Dispersed in Graphite SEM
SM-Silicon™ Dispersed in Graphite SEM
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The following characteristics for all of PE’s silicon*:

Type/Form = Crystalline Powder
Purity = Either ≥99.5% or ≥98.5%
Surface Purity = 0% SiO2, 0% SiC, highly reactive, air sensitive
Total Metals Impurities = <0.5%
APS = 150nm, Other Custom APS can be achieved

BET / SSA = 30 m2/g
Tap Density = 0.8 g/cm3
Color = Gray to dark gray (except nSiOx: yellowish brown)
Morphology = Non spherical
mp = 1414° C

* The composition would change by the specific surface modifier so identified for each respective product, (SM-Silicon™, nSi/C, nSi/Cg, nSi/Cg/P, nSiOx) be it custom SM for our SM-Silicon™ or C, graphene, polymer or oxygen for the other R&D products.

SM-Silicon™ drums


SM-Silicon™ is sold in 5-gallon buckets or 55-gallon drums to companies in and suppliers to the battery industry for producing a premium product.

Raw Silicon

Raw SiNP & Si Composites

Paraclete Energy sells silicon-based products in R&D quantities based on composites with carbon, graphene, and/or polymer.

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Professional Design & Optimization Services

Paraclete Energy will work with prospects and customers to design and then produce for their own testing proof-of-concept SM-Silicon™ based cells. This will include designing and optimizing the surface modification and the cell architecture that will be required to meet the cycle stability and specific high energy and/or high power or a combination of both objectives for a specific application, to include but not limited to $/kWh, Wh/kg, Wh/L, Ah and time/distance between recharge.