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Paraclete Energy is seeking select customers in the Li-Ion battery manufacturing industry.  Paraclete is also seeking partners in the chemical and graphite industry.  The manufacturers can incorporate Paraclete's Drop-in Surface Modified Nanoparticles into their existing battery electrode film making process.

Chemical and Graphite suppliers can license or distribute Paraclete Energy's nanoparticles for Li-ion batteries. 

Li ion active additives for making the highest energy & longest lasting batteries

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Paraclete Energy's lab and manufacturing facility is located just outside of Ann Arbor/Detroit, Michigan in Chelsea, MI. Our process incorporates the nanoparticles into a stable, electrically conductive, covalently bonded tailored framework. This proprietary technique enables manufacturing flexibility and scalability as an economically viable and low cost method for Paraclete's customers to manufacture anode electrodes with enhanced power density while still retaining deep charge capacity.

Paraclete Energy's methods are non-exotic, ecologically safe and low energy (no pyrolysis is required), all contributing to economic viability and scalability.  Paraclete's low cost production, room temperature methods and composition of matter are part of it's Intellectual Property portfolio for North America, Europe and Asia.

Paraclete Energy, Inc., for as low as $20/kg and with nanoparticles smaller than 100nm, offers drop-in, slurry based anode additives that are compatible for both aqueous and non-aqueous Li-ion battery manufacturing.  Use of Paraclete’s additives increases anode specific capacity up to 400%, while not sacrificing on overall durability.  Paraclete’s nanoparticles have a tailored modifier on the surface based on our customer’s preferences.  This also makes the surface oxide free.  Thereby, Lithium is not wasted removing the oxides in the initial cycles and SEI formation is  appropriately managed.

Paraclete Energy  produces a  Drop-In solution for creating high energy density lithium-ion batteries with its surface modified nanoparticles.  Paraclete's nanoparticles are compatible with both aqueous and non-aqueous binder systems and all known cathode based chemistries used in commercial Li-ion battery production.

Paraclete's customers get a boost in performance of their batteries, a reduction in manufacturing and materials cost and energy and a cleaner environmental solution.  As Cathode technology is improved, Paraclete Energy's formulations can be optimized for each customers specific operating environment. 

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