SM-Silicon/3590™ The Industry Standard Silicon for the Lithium-Ion Battery Industry Paraclete Energy, Inc. manufactures high-capacity, cycle-stable, oxide-free silicon that has a capacity of 3590 mAh/g for the lithium-ion battery market. Our silicon is priced like graphite dollar per kilowatt-hour. We can supply grams to tons today. Click here Play SM-Silicon/3590™ Video

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Capacity mAh/g


Energy Density Wh/kg


Energy Density Wh/L


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Capacity mAh/g


Energy Density Wh/kg


Energy Density Wh/L

What’s in a Name?

Paraclete means “to come alongside”. As the silicon anode material supplier, we work with battery manufacturers, anode material suppliers, OEMs and researchers to enable them to produce batteries with the highest levels of energy and longevity.

Seamlessly Integrated

Our SM-Silicon/3590™ replaces a percentage of the graphite in the anode. Just mix our silicon with the graphite in the slurry. There are no changes to your manufacturing process required.

In Mass Production

Paraclete Energy is the only silicon anode material supplier identified by Cairn Energy Research to be at “Technology Readiness Level 9: Actual system proven through successful mission operations.”


Up to 3,590 mAh/g

Long battery life

>300% longer than other known silicon materials

Energy density

Up to 2,000 Wh/kg

Energy density

Up to 4,000 Wh/L

Targeted at the electric vehicle industry, given capacity and stability, but also available for consumer devices.

Our products work today and are available today in grams to tons.

Drop-in, dry powder means seamless integration.

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