SM-Silicon/3590™ Silicon Anode Material

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Paraclete Energy‘s SM-Silicon/3590™ is the highest capacity, cycle stable, commercially validated silicon anode material on the market today. Both samples and multi-ton production quantities are available today! Join our other customers that have already validated Paraclete’s SM-Silicon/3590™ for their most demanding applications and, given its cycle stability, not just for consumer devices. See the data, order a sample, validate it yourself and meet your customer’s performance objectives today!

SM-Silicon/3590™ The Capacity of Silicon, the Price and Stability of Graphite.

Silicon Anode Material
Loadings Table

Gradual Activation Chemistry (GAC)

Gradual Activation Chemistry (GAC) begins to work immediately after the first cycle and increases capacity for the first 95-125 cycles with a fade rate of 0.00%. This acts to regain capacity lost in formation. Only after 95-125 cycles does fading begin, but it is a gradual fade.

Coulombic Efficiency

As the graph shows, the SM-Silicon/3590™ has excellent Coulombic Efficiency (CE), which is nearly 100% over long cycling. This can not be achieved without a very stable SEI. As the SEI increases in thickness or is not stable, the cell will not cycle and the CE will not be so high.

High Capacity and Cycle Stability

Capacity remains above 80% for greater than 300% longer than other known silicon materials. This performance was reproduced with various binders of which we do not use any special additives.