Core Values

Who We Are

The Paraclete Energy team are experts at making silicon work for our customers – today!

We do not make silicon batteries, we enable our customer’s existing and next-generation batteries to be better with our silicon.

Our Difference

  • Price
  • Performance
  • Seamless Integration

We listen. If we fail, we fail fast and move on and we do not let the perfect get in the way of progress.

Paraclete Energy’s success is not tied to eloquent research for the sake of research. Paraclete Energy’s success is measured by our customer’s success—specifically, by how our SM-Silicon/3590™ enable our customer’s batteries to be the best they can be and clearly better than their batteries were without Paraclete’s SM-Silicon/3590™. This is the objective of all of Paraclete Energy’s research and development.

Our Mission

Paraclete Energy will bring to market energy-related materials that will enhance lives and benefit all of mankind while providing substantial value and return to customers, shareholders, and associates.

Our Purpose

The world needs clean energy and technology that promotes its ubiquitous, global adoption.

Our Strategy

The Paraclete team listens and as a result brings innovative, useful energy-related materials to our customers that immediately make a positive impact on them, their customers and, by doing so, all our stakeholders.

Our Core Values

People make an organization. They are the ones that get things done – not visions, strategies, and plans. We will attract responsible, hardworking, accountable, high-energy, balanced and technically competent people with character and integrity beyond reproach — regardless of cultural background or social status, age, degrees or titles. We want those who are the best, brightest, most creative and capable people with a passion and a drive to get things done for the right reasons. Paraclete will retain such people by creating and sustaining an environment that is fun, enthusiastic, collaborative, and flexible yet unbending on ethics. We will empower, encourage, and allow people to unleash their abilities. The organization will be a model in the area of love, honor, integrity, fairness, frugality, and prudence — all while sustaining operational excellence. We will also retain such people by encouraging family time and balance as well as structuring compensation and benefits so that all families can enjoy time and vacations they would not be able to do otherwise while offering the potential for uncommon growth as the company grows.