Highest Capacity, Commercially Viable, Cycle Stable Validated Anode Material While Being Priced like Graphite $/kWh

SM-Silicon/585™ Objectives

SM-Silicon/585™ Engineering Design

Paraclete Energy introduces SM-Silicon/585™, the highest capacity, commercially viable, cycle-stable validated anode material available on the market today while being priced like graphite $/kWh.

Unlike what is on the market today at 430 mAh/g, those suppliers require that you also use their graphite and their fixed ratio of silicon to graphite. With Paraclete’s SM-Silicon/585™, the customer uses their preferred graphite they want to use, and they can add more or less SM-Silicon/585™, thereby changing the reversible capacity to meet the application requirements.

SM-Silicon/585™ also allows the customer to use a less expensive graphite and add the SM-Silicon/585™ until the desired capacity is achieved. This will make the total cell cost much less.

This is particularly advantageous given that SM-Silicon/585™ is five times less expensive than the silicon used in the ~430 mAh/g product already on the market.

Use the Graphite You Want