SM-Architecture™ Is the Answer to the Commercial Viability of High Capacity Silicon for the Li-Ion Battery Industry.


Paraclete has already sold tons of its SM-Silicon™ to the Li-ion battery industry. SM-Silicon™ at production quantities can be less expensive than graphite from a $/kWh.


Paraclete Energy’s SM-Architecture™ enables its customers to optimize the characteristics and properties of high-capacity silicon metal that makes SM-Silicon™ both commercially viable and unique and therefore proprietary just to them. This capability creates a platform for continuous improvement of the negative electrode. Paraclete Energy’s high-capacity silicon-metal-based SM-Silicon™ thereby becomes the customer’s optimized product for their specific batteries’ proprietary formulation.


SM-Silicon™ is not just the same silicon metal or low capacity SiOx available from a supplier that sells the same silicon to any anode or battery company – it’s the customer’s specific and proprietary SM-Silicon™ high-capacity, cycle-stable solution!


Paraclete’s SM-Architecture™ enables its customers to develop a high capacity anode platform for immediate and long-term continuous improvement. SM-Architecture™ includes the ability to covalently bond nearly any organic or inorganic chemistry to the silicon’s surface with reactive functional groups on the opposite end ready to covalently crosslink with the binder and carbon systems. This creates a covalently bonded network between the systems within the anode and thereby the electrode is more capable of enduring the stress typically associated with silicon.


This multifunctional surface modifier creates a stable, covalently bonded, artificial SEI layer that is ionically conductive but electrically insulating. This artificial SEI and the covalent bond between the silicon and the binder and carbon systems create a stable network for the commercial viability of high capacity SM-Silicon™.


Paraclete’s SM-Silicon™ is based on high capacity 3,590 mAh/g, 99.5% silicon metal and NOT 1,550 mAh/g SiOx. Like graphite, Paraclete’s SM-Silicon™ has a tap density of 0.8g/cm3 and an ICL of only 8% while being priced less than graphite from a $/kWh.

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Silicon metal for use in Li-Ion batteries is not yet a one-size-fits-all product. In order to achieve high capacity and cycle stability, there must be a flexible material architecture that allows for extensive optimization of silicon’s properties to a battery’s specific design and the creation of a sustainable conductive network between all the battery’s internal systems.