SiOx Comparison

Anode Pie ChartSiOx Cost

Early adopters of using silicon to boost capacity in Li-ion batteries are still using 96% graphite in the anode. This pie chart shows that these anodes contain just 4% silicon oxide.

Tesla has an estimated cost of $6,918 to build the battery pack for the Tesla Model 31. That same battery pack, if made with just graphite, would cost around $5,000. So, for a 10% increase in capacity, they are willing to spend 36% more.

At Paraclete Energy, we believe a 10% increase in capacity shouldn’t cost more than 10% more.

Let’s break this down more. The following chart compares anode materials for the Tesla Model 3 battery pack.


Graphite SiOxSM-Silicon™
 Cost/kg $10 $1,263 $200
 Initial Capacity (Ah) 12222 13431 13431
 Mileage 320 352 352
 Battery pack cost $5,070 $6,918 $5,241
 Cost/kWh $115 $143 $108

As you can see, we are also approaching the USABC goal of $100 per kWh. This is with using only 4% silicon in the anode. If we used more, say 15% of Paraclete Energy’s SM-Silicon™ in the anode, that would drop to $99 per kWh, achieving the USABC goal, as well as increasing the range to 400 miles.


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