Paraclete Energy Offers Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO) on Its Nanoparticle Silicon and Free Samples of Its New Air and Moisture Stable Pre-Lithiated SM-Silicon/PL™ for Those Attending the Battery Show Europe 2017

Chelsea, MI, April 3, 2017– Paraclete Energy, manufacturer and supplier of industry standard nanoparticle silicon metal for the battery industry, is offering a Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO) promotion exclusive to attendees of the Battery Show Europe. Customers who visit their stand at 203 can receive a BOGO offer code for use when ordering on Paraclete Energy’s website,, within the month of April.

The BOGO offer can be applied towards 100g bottles of the nanoparticle silicon composites or Paraclete’s premier product SM-Silicon™ which has a proprietary surface modifier that acts as an artificial SEI which enables cycle stability and high loadings of silicon.

With all orders of 100g bottles of SM-Silicon™ during this BOGO promotion, all buyers will also receive 10g of Paraclete’s premier pre-lithiated SM-Silicon/PL™ free of charge.

The promotion will last through April 30. Visit the Paraclete Energy booth at stand 203 to receive your BOGO free code for all orders within the month of April. If you are unable to attend the Battery Show Europe conference and are interested in taking advantage of this offer, please contact Paraclete Energy to receive your code at

About Paraclete Energy: Paraclete Energy manufactures nanoparticle 3,590 mAh/g silicon metal for the graphite and Li-ion battery industry. Paraclete can manufacture tons of many types of nanoparticle silicon metal, our premier silicon product is SM-Silicon™. The SM stands for Surface Modified. This surface modifier functions as an artificial SEI that negates the negative effects of electrolyte interaction and thereby enables both cycle stability approaching that of graphite and very high loadings of silicon well beyond the ~5% limit of silicon oxide. The cycle stability of SM-Silicon™ acts to compound the benefits to customers given now they can replace many times as much graphite with a prelithiated silicon metal that has over double the capacity of silicon oxide. Paraclete’s SM-Silicon™ can be priced from a dollar per kilowatt-hour perspective at less than graphite. The surface modifier is also what makes Paraclete’s silicon safe to handle in a battery manufacturing facility. Paraclete Energy’s air and water stable prelithiated SM-Silicon/PL™ can be seamlessly integrated into customer’s standard aqueous slurry techniques and thereby enable much higher first cycle efficiency and much lower cost and time for production. The surface modifier not only acts as an artificial SEI for cycle stability but, with SM-Silicon/PL™, also acts as a protective shell from air and moisture.

Paraclete Energy also offers Rapid Prototyping Services for custom designing and making cycle-stable, high-capacity SM-Silicon™ based batteries so that customers can test and prototype their next generation products. Paraclete’s SM-Silicon™, when combined with these services, enables customers’ next generation products and batteries to be prototyped and brought to market sooner.

SM-Silicon™: The Capacity of Silicon, the Price & Stability of Graphite.