Paraclete Energy Enables United States Technology to Get Back in Front

Paraclete Energy Enables United States Technology to Get Back in Front

The Battery Show 2017

The opening remarks in the Leaders Debate at The Battery Show 2017 by the Chairman of the International Battery Standards Steering Committee, Robert Galyen, commented that from the host of USA-based companies working in the Li-ion battery field he mentioned only one: Paraclete Energy. “Paraclete Energy who is displaying here at this conference is doing a wonderful job at developing new active materials to be put into lithium batteries so there is a movement afoot in the United States to get back into the technology game and to get back in front,” he said.

There was certainly very high interest in Paraclete Energy at this year’s show as visitors had the Paraclete Energy name on their lists of must-see exhibitors. Jeff Norris, Paraclete Energy’s CEO stated, “There is a new sense of urgency in the industry. The fight for market share within the entire value chain demand solutions that will drive cost down while driving their energy density up. Industry leaders are discovering that Paraclete with its high capacity metal based SM-Silicon™ materials can today deliver both.”

Paraclete Energy manufactures nanoparticle silicon metal based Surface Modified (SM) (SM-Silicon™) that has 2.3X the energy density of silicon oxide and 10X that of graphite. Paraclete’s SM-Silicon™ is stable in both air and water and with annual contracts can be priced dollar per kilowatt hour less than graphite. Paraclete can covalently bond nearly any organic and/or inorganic material to the silicon’s surface, which then becomes the surface modifier that is optimized for the customer’s specific binder, electrolyte, and overall battery design. This surface modifier functions as an artificial SEI. Today, Paraclete manufactures and supplies the industry in quantities from grams to tons.

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