New Product Announcements

New Product Announcements

Paraclete Energy Offers New Products in 2016

Novi, MI – Paraclete Energy (PE) is proud to announce at the 2016 Battery Show in Novi, Michigan, three ways to purchase their nanoparticle silicon. PE’s nanoparticle silicon offers high capacity, cycle stability and can be processed using standard industry practices while being priced in line with graphite.

  1. To battery companies who need their anodes to retain a capacity >700 mAh/cc and over 1,000 cycles, PE will custom surface modify nanoparticle silicon on a per customer basis.
  2. To graphite companies, PE is offering nanoparticle silicon with a standard surface modifier, allowing a substantial number of cycles and enabling graphite companies to incorporate PE’s silicon into a premium product.
  3. PE will offer SiO2-free nanoparticle silicon that is without an intermediary oxide layer, enabling the user to apply their own surface modifier.

Paraclete Energy sells raw and custom surface-modified silicon that can be processed using standard industry practices and is priced in line with graphite and thereby enabling it’s customers to offer cycle stable, high energy batteries. PE silicon cycles. Visit them at Booth 1805.

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If you would like more information, please contact Brian Byars at (734) 288-4120 or email at

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