Is Tesla Using Silicon to Gain Market Share

Tesla Model 3 prototype at the unveiling on March 31, 2016 in Hawthorne, California.

Is Tesla Using Silicon to Gain Market Share

Tesla Motors has been changing the automobile market by offering vehicles with cutting-edge design, performance, price, and batteries. For example, within the last year, Tesla has been introducing silicon into their electric car batteries. Although others in the EV industry know the potential for silicon anode batteries, they have been slow to be adopted. Why? Unlike others it seems, Tesla acknowledges that technology evolves and uses what silicon provides today to gain market share.

Tesla isn’t utilizing the full 10x potential that adding ~70% silicon would offer, but rather by adding just ~5% silicon they are taking advantage of the stable, high capacity, incremental improvement that ~5% offers. Thereby Tesla offers the industry’s best battery specs and EV distance. Tesla clearly recognizes the market perception and the actual benefit to its shareholders and customers of incrementally using silicon to gain market share.

Let’s look at the market adoption of other disruptive technologies:

When smartphones were first introduced, some consumers were concerned about the complexity of the technology. Others couldn’t imagine any function for a phone other than making phone calls. The cost was also a major concern. Of course, now we are rapidly approaching two billion smartphone users worldwide. We even have smart umbrellas, smart infant car seats, and smart refrigerators.

The smartphone of today isn’t the same as the smartphone that was originally introduced. The IBM Simon might have had a touchscreen and been able to send email and faxes, but it was a brick that weighed over a pound. Today’s smartphones have a seemingly endless supply of apps and weigh just a few ounces. A technology that was once slow to adopt has become globally ubiquitous.

The point is that the industry is missing out on better batteries and devices because the industry is too focused on creating the perfect product without being willing to release the first edition. Tesla is not!

Throughout the industry, the companies that adopt cycle-stable, high-capacity silicon in their batteries will capture more market share from those companies that are slow to change. This benefits everyone. Companies and their shareholders will benefit. The economy will benefit as more money is freed from the gas tank. Health will benefit as people embrace healthier and cleaner lifestyles and are able to use more powerful devices.

Today, by replacing just ~10% of the graphite with ~10% Paraclete Energy’s high capacity, cycle stable SM-Silicon™, batteries can see a 40% increase in Ah and stability 7x better. Equally important, most of the USABC 2020 battery targets can be achieved today!

Industry, TOMORROW IS TODAY! Stop aiming for the perfection of the theoretical 10x that silicon may offer some day when we can get nearly a 2x improvement today.

As early adopters of other disruptive technologies have done throughout history, manufacturers that embrace Paraclete Energy’s SM-Silicon™ today experience growth in their market share.

To receive a technical specification of PE’s SM-Silicon™ and how it will specifically impact your batteries or to sample batteries made with Paraclete Energy’s SM-Silicon™ yourself, please send an email to

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