Finally Together: Water and Air Stable Prelithiation, Paraclete Energy and

Finally Together: Water and Air Stable Prelithiation, Paraclete Energy and

Chelsea, MI, March 15, 2017– Paraclete Energy, maker of cycle-stable surface-modified SM-Silicon™, is now selling its nanoparticle silicon composites through — just search for “Paraclete Energy” — and its website: The standard nanoparticle silicon metal products have an APS of 150nm. Custom particle sizes and production quantities from grams to kilograms to tons can be manufactured by contacting the company. With an annual contract, these products can be priced to be less than graphite from a dollar per kilowatt-hour perspective.

Currently available are nSiO (nanoparticle silicon metal with an oxide surface), nSi/C (nanoparticle silicon metal with a carbon surface), nSi/Cg (nanoparticle silicon metal with a graphene surface), and nSi/Cg/P (nanoparticle silicon metal with both a graphene and polymer surface). Available exclusively at are nSi (pure nanoparticle silicon metal) and SM-Silicon™ (surface modified nanoparticle silicon metal). SM-Silicon™ has a proprietary surface modifier that acts as an artificial SEI which enables cycle stability and high loadings of silicon.

Paraclete Energy will also be making available during Q3 2017 through its prelithiated SM-Silicon/PL™ nanoparticles that allow battery manufacturers to make prelithiated anodes using air-stable and standard aqueous slurry techniques. The surface modifier not only acts as an artificial SEI for cycle stability but, with SM-Silicon/PL™, also acts as a protective shell from air and moisture.

Why is it important to be finally together? Abundant quantities of cycle stable, high capacity nanoparticle silicon that is not limited by oxides has not been available to the Li-ion battery industry at an economically feasible price. As silicon becomes as universally used as graphite the industry will see a significant increase in individual cell capacity and equally an increased plant manufacturing capacity. This correlates to much greater time or miles between recharges per device or vehicle, while manufacturing cost, time and dollars per watt hour go down – industry wide.

The boost that silicon metal needs to become as ubiquitous as graphite will come because of the benefits that air- and water-stable, competitively priced and abundantly available prelithiated, high capacity cycle-stable silicon enables. These nanoparticle silicon products can be easily purchased through either or Just search for “Paraclete Energy”.

Paraclete Energy will be exhibiting at The Battery Show Europe 2017 in Singelfingen, Germany. Visit them at booth 203 to find out further information about their silicon nanoparticles and nanosilicon composite powders. 

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