Silicon Capacity with Graphite Stability

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Date: 16 January 2019

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Silicon Capacity with Graphite Stability

  • Paraclete Energy releases SM-Silicon/3590™
  • The product is designed as a drop-in graphite precursor for anode material companies and battery manufacturers for high capacity anodes with cycle stability
  • Up to 5x less expensive than available Si Graphite composites
  • Customers determine the ratio of silicon to graphite and therefore the cell capacity

Chelsea, Michigan – Paraclete Energy, a manufacturer of high-capacity, surface-modified silicon nanoparticles, today released SM-Silicon/3590™, the highest capacity, cycle-stable, validated anode material on the market. The product is aimed at anode material companies as a graphite precursor and manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries who want to improve the capacity without compromising cycle stability. SM-Silicon/3590™ has a capacity of 3,590 mAh/g, a First Cycle Efficiency of 93% and a tap density similar to graphite. SM-Silicon/3590™ is up to five times less expensive than currently available silicon-graphite composites, which only offer a capacity up to 450 mAh/g.

There is a shortage of high capacity anode materials in the industry. The high capacity anode material that is being used by the battery industry in commercial applications offers 450 mAh/g. “Production capacity is available today,” says Jeff Norris, CEO of Paraclete Energy. “Order a sample to validate it yourself. With Paraclete’s SM-Silicon/3590™, anode material companies can offer a high capacity, cycle stable premium product and battery manufacturers can today meet their customers performance goals of tomorrow.”

Other companies sell a silicon graphite blend containing 92 to 96% graphite and only 4 to 8% silicon oxide. These products require using the graphite already present in the mixture in the existing ratio. This mixture delivers only 400 to 450 mAh/g.  Paraclete Energy’s substantially oxide-free, elemental silicon metal features a multi-layered surface modifier optimized for cycle stability. However, it can also be used for applications such as fast charging, power vs. energy, pre-lithiation, etc. SM-Silicon/3590™ can be used with the desired graphite in the desired ratio.

Paraclete Energy, Inc., (Paraclete) is a high volume manufacturer of high-capacity silicon products, including its cycle-stable surface-modified nanoparticle silicon metal for the battery industry, referred to as SM-Silicon™. Further information can be found at

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