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Paraclete Energy offers Best in Class performance:

  • SM-Silicon™ 40% more Ah than graphite alone.
  • Your 4.2 Ah battery will become a ≥5.0 Ah battery.
  • A 320-mile range EV will have a 378-mile range.
  • Our coulombic efficiency is at an average of 99.8%, with a high of 99.93%.

How Paraclete Energy’s SM-Silicon™ Improves a Li-Ion Battery

The charts below compare Paraclete Energy’s SM-Silicon™ to graphite alone in multiple applications: electric vehicles, smartphones, and laptops. A battery with SM-Silicon™ has 40% more capacity than a battery with graphite alone.


That means no more range anxiety. An electric vehicle equipped with batteries made from Paraclete Energy’s SM-Silicon™ will have greater range than vehicles equipped with batteries made from traditional graphite. It will also maintain that range for significantly longer than a vehicle equipped with batteries made from commercially available silicon oxide.

What can Paraclete Energy's SM-Silicon™ do for your electric vehicle today?
What can Paraclete Energy's SM-Silicon™ do for your laptop today?
What can Paraclete Energy's SM-Silicon™ do for your digital camera today?

While both Paraclete’s SM-Silicon™ and commercially available silicon oxide will significantly improve the capacity of a Li-Ion battery, only Paraclete’s SM-Silicon™ will continue to provide much higher capacity. Long after commercially available silicon oxide has lost its capacity, Paraclete’s SM-Silicon™ is stably cycling with high capacity due to its patented surface modification.

SM-Silicon™ cycle stability vs graphite and commercial silicon
Charge/Discharge Profile of Full Cell

Paraclete’s SM-Silicon™ is value-priced in line with graphite, so that if you create premium products with Paraclete’s SM-Silicon™, they will be cycle stable and $/kWh cost less than graphite. You can integrate the silicon into your slurry without changing the current industry standard manufacturing processes.

SM-Silicon™ Rate Capability

See Paraclete’s SM-Silicon™ rate capability.

SM-Silicon™ vs Current Industry Silicon

Compare SM-Silicon™ to current industry silicon.

Discharge Profile Chart

See SM-Silicon™’s discharge profile.