Paraclete Energy’s prelithiated SM-Silicon/PL™ family of products allow battery manufacturers to use Paraclete’s prelithiated active silicon metal materials using air-stable and standard aqueous slurry techniques. Because the anode active material will be prelithiated, a great deal of time which is normally allocated for formation cycling will be saved. SM-Silicon/PL™ will enable a higher first cycle efficiency, and, given the reduced time normally required for formation, a much lower cost and a much speedier production time. The surface modifier not only acts as an artificial SEI but, with SM-Silicon/PL™, also acts as a protective shell from air and moisture. Although Paraclete is currently working with select strategic customers with SM-Silicon/PL™.


“Prelithiation is very appealing,” Jeff Norris, CEO of Paraclete Energy said, “because, unlike many standard battery improvement techniques which fight for a fraction-of-a-percent performance increase, any percentage gain from prelithiation is gained as a 1:1 ratio towards overall battery energy density. Additionally, with adequate prelithiation minimal formation cycles that dramatically slow the production process down will be required, thereby cutting the time to manufacture batteries significantly which has a dramatic positive impact on reducing cost and an equal impact on increasing the total annual manufacturing capacity of the facility. Prelithiation should bring about a cost-reduction shift across the entire industry, or at least to those that embrace it.”


SM-Silicon/PL™ is engineered to be integrated with standard aqueous slurry techniques.


Production quantity pricing as low as $/kWh < graphite is available. Contact for details.


100g SM-Silicon/PL™

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