Paraclete Energy Inc. manufactures Surface Modified Silicon with the highest cycle stability of any silicon anode materials in the battery industry. Paraclete’s SM-Silicon™ is not only cycle stable but its $W/hr cost is less than graphite. Compared to other commercially available silicon, Paraclete’s SM-Silicon™ has 7x better cycle stability at 80% lower cost. With these attributes, most of the USABC 2020 battery targets can be met today.


Paraclete Energy’s SM-Silicon™ is engineered to be added seamlessly to anode slurries used in current industry processes. SM-Silicon™, manufactured with both process and composite patent protection, is compatible in either aqueous or non-aqueous slurry systems. Paraclete Energy offers SM-Silicon™ in 5-gallon buckets containing 10 kg, 55-gallon drums containing 100 kg, and other packaging as is appropriate for its customers. Licensing is also available.


All this can be achieved with your batteries today!


SM-Silicon™ is a family of products. Click here to see air- and water-stable prelithiated SM-Silicon/PL™.



Contact us or email us today for a quote! Pricing is based on quantity purchased, annual agreement and to be valued price competitive with graphite.


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SM-Silicon™ Dispersed in Graphite SEM

SM-Silicon™ Dispersed in Graphite SEM


100g SM-Silicon™


5 gal bucket of SM-Silicon™

10 kg of SM-Silicon™


SM-Silicon™ drum

100 kg of SM-Silicon™


Other quantities available upon contacting company

Production quantity pricing as low as $/kWh < graphite is available with required annual contract.