Silicon Metal and Silicon Composites

100g nSiH – ≥99.5%


Silicon metal with hydrogen on the surface.

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Silicon metal with hydrogen on the surface.

Type/Form = Crystalline Powder
Purity = ≥99.5%
Surface Purity = 0% SiO2, air stable
Total Metals Impurities = <0.5%
APS = 150nm, Custom APS Is Available – Contact PE for a quote.
BET / SSA = 30 m2/g
Tap Density = 0.8 g/cm3
Color = Gray to dark gray
Morphology = Non-spherical
mp = 1414° C

* The composition would change by the specific surface modifier so identified for each respective product, (SM-Silicon™, SM-Silicon/C™, SM-Silicon/PL™, nSi/C, nSi/Cg, nSi/Cg/P, nSiO, nSiH) be it custom SM for our SM-Silicon™ or C, graphene, polymer or oxygen for the other R&D products.

Additional Information
Weight 100 g